Vision Protection

  • UV Safety
    UV radiation, whether from natural sunlight or artificial UV rays, can damage the eye, affecting surface tissues and internal structures, such as the cornea and lens. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can lead to cataracts, skin cancer around the eyelids, and other eye disorders.
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  • Home Safety
    Home Safety
    Over 200,000 accidents involving common household products occur each year and 45 percent of all disabling eye injuries occur in the home. That’s more than twice the number of eye injuries that occur at work. Ninety percent of these eye injuries are preventable. Do-it-yourself home improvement projects that require the use of manual or powered Continue Reading
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  • Safety Eyewear at the Workplace
    Workplace Safety
    Every day, approximately 2,000 U.S. workers receive some form of medical treatment for eye injuries related to or sustained at work. While vision loss is one of the top ten disabilities, 90 percent of eye injuries are preventable. Men typically fall victim to eye injuries more often than women. In 2004, men made up 80 Continue Reading
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  • Sport Eye Safety
    Sports Safety
    Each year, 42,000 sports-related eye injuries in the United States require a trip to the emergency room – that’s one serious eye injury every 13 minutes! A survey by The Vision Council revealed that nearly nine in 10 people believe children should regularly wear protective eyewear when playing sports, yet the National Eye Institute reports Continue Reading
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