Home Safety

Over 200,000 accidents involving common household products occur each year and 45 percent of all disabling eye injuries occur in the home. That’s more than twice the number of eye injuries that occur at work. Ninety percent of these eye injuries are preventable.

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects that require the use of manual or powered tools such as blow torches or welders, electric sanders, nail guns or other high-velocity tools or machinery pose huge risks for eye injury. Home improvement projects that require the use of solvents, glues, paints, stains or varnishes also pose serious risk. Additionally, routine car, truck or recreational vehicle repairs require the use of tools, lubricants, and solvents etc. are a risk.

When working in the yard, equipment such as lawn or tractor mowers, leaf and snow blowers places homeowner at risk for eye injury from stones, grass, ice and other debris that can be thrown up by powered yard equipment. Landscaping activities utilizing manual or powered pruning, hedging or trimming tools place individuals at risk. Exposure to lawn-care chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and pool/whirlpool chemicals can also be hazardous to the eyes.

Source: The Vision Council

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