Eye Exams

Comprehensive Exams at Christopherson Eye Clinic
Our eye care professionals see patients with ranges in age from young children to the elderly. We will complete a thorough examination of your eyes, assessing what prescription you may require, as well as monitoring the general health of your eyes.

During this exam we establish whether you are a candidate for refractive surgery or contact lenses, fit contact lenses (if desired), diagnose any ocular diseases the patient may have, and check to see whether any underlying systemic disease has caused ocular complications.

We also evaluate how the patient’s eyes function individually and as a team by testing with specialized optical equipment. Following the exam, we review our findings and discuss with the patient the possible treatment options and answer any questions which he or she may have.

Additionally, we offer problem-focused exams and are qualified to diagnose and manage ocular abrasions, red eyes, eye infections, allergy-related eye problems, dry eye problems, inflammation in the eye, and removal of foreign bodies from the eye.

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