Latest Technology

Latest Technology at Christopherson Eye Clinic
Our state-of-the-art retinal camera captures a high quality image of the back of your eye – which includes the optic nerve, macula, and retina. It gives our doctors the ability to more closely monitor the progression of diseases that affect the back of your eye, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Additionally, it also provides us, your eye care professional with the opportunity to better educate you, the patient, with a photo of your own eye enabling you to understand the disease with which you have been diagnosed.

State of the Art Exam Equipment

State-of-the-Art Exam Equipment

What are the benefits of having a retinal picture taken?
By taking a picture, your eye care professional can compare pictures side by side to see whether or not your disease has progressed or is getting better from month to month or year to year.

Are there benefits to have a photo taken if I haven’t been diagnosed with a disease?
Yes, taking a photo of your eyes when they are healthy is very helpful in creating a baseline for monitoring your eye health. Images of your eye when it is healthy helps us monitor small changes in the future and may assist with earlier diagnosis of disease. Because it is very cost effective and an excellent resource for monitoring your eye health, we encourage all of our patients to consider having a retinal photo taken for their records.

Will I need to have my eyes dilated in order to get a good image?
Although our camera does not require that your eyes be dilated in order to get an image, your eyes may still need to be dilated if your eye care professional determines that such a dilation would be helpful in the evaluation of the health of your eyes.

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