Why Are Regular Exams Important?

Eyesight has a huge impact on day-to-day living and is one of the senses we fear losing most.

The general public rates loss of vision second only to cancer as the most-feared human affliction.
-Schepens Eye Research Institute

Unfortunately, people often do not care for their eye health unless they notice a problem and by that time, it is often too late. Many common eye diseases that can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness, such as diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, or age-related macular degeneration, often have no early warning signs or symptoms.

A regular eye exam provides you with your most up to date prescription, evaluating how your eyes work together, and monitoring your eye health to catch these sight threatening diseases early, before vision is lost. Regular eye exams keep you seeing and feeling your best now and in the future.

Source: National Eye Institute and Healthy Sight For Life

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